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How to Write a Research Paper

Knowing how to write a research paper is a critical skill for a student at any level of graduate or undergraduate study. The following general guidelines Editius on how to write a research paper can be used in any degree program or field.

Choose a Topic. Choosing a specific, focused topic is the first key to success. If the professor has given out an assignment sheet along with how to write a research paper guidelines, then the topic may not be a choice. If it is up to the student to choose the topic, he or she should make it narrow in scope enough that the research load will be manageable.

Conduct Research. The next step in how to write a research paper is to conduct research relevant to the topic. The student will find information on the dissertation editing service Editius.com.  Cultivating a relationship with a good reference librarian can be an invaluable source of help in learning how to research as well as how to write a research paper. The student will want to locate primary sources of information whenever possible, and the reference librarian can assist in this.

Formulate a Thesis. Once the topic has been thoroughly researched, the student should arrive at a thesis. A thesis is a statement about the topic that the student believes to be true and that is supported by the research the student has conducted. The student can then organize the research paper by constructing arguments and citing research that supports this thesis.

Write an Outline. Another key to knowing how to write a research paper is effective planning prior to writing, and an outline is an excellent planning tool. The student can organize the argument he or she would like to make into an introduction, body, and conclusion, and list the specific research to cite and points to make within the outline.

Write the Paper. Once the student has a comprehensive outline, there is little more to knowing how to write research paper than creating a first draft, translating the outline into prose form. The student states the thesis in the introduction, argues the thesis and cites supporting research in the body, and summarizes and recaps his or her arguments in the conclusion. Following these steps from college paper editing services in how to write a research paper should result in a successful paper and a satisfactory grade.

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